Monday, September 24, 2007

What a Gem

Now you don't even have to post missed connections on missed connections. you can post potential connections. honestly, the only thing sadder and more cowardly than posting your crush is this...

Why are you girls like that - m4w - 27

I find that if I like a guy and he's not necessarily into me, it doesn't matter if I show that I like him because some guys just don't notice a girl likes them until they get pissed about another girl.

Let me put it this way: if a girl finds any excuse in the world to just be around you ("Um, hey...I had some extra paper clips, I thought you might like some"), listens to your music(they normally listen to the Crystal Method and suddenly "love" Blink 182 which just happens to be your favorite band), starts watching movies you like, eats food you like, etc....chances are pretty good that they want you. Bad. You just need to pay better attention next time around.

This is all very good, between these last 2 post i've learned and been reminded of much, women please keep the infornmation going your saving me tons in therapy fees. Now heres the dilema from what i see, i may have several friends who like, and so i might like them whats the perfect way that you ladies would like to be asked out, keep in mind where friends and i don't want the awkwardness of a rejection lol

Also, even though this says m4w, its kind of hard to figure out if the poster is male or female and what his/her sexual orientation is. Ah, craigslist.


Alex said...

Um, I am so confused.

Drew said...

ok - I THINK that the person posting this is a straight man. the first two paragraphs are a quote from some woman's craigslist post. the last paragraph is his commentary on the first two - in essence, "thanks for the advice on how to tell if a woman is into me, now tell me the secret way to ask women out without any risk of rejection whatsoever because I don't realize that's impossible"

does that make sense?

sasha said...

yeah that's what i got from it drew- but still totally lazy slash annoying. come on guy, you've already been given to much information, now be creative with the next step. and if you get rejected- you probably deserved it lol.