Monday, September 17, 2007

puppy love

you, and also your pug, are adorable - wfm - 26 (Downtown)

where: near the w4 stop, by those basketball courts where some INTENSE GAME always seems to be happening.

when: 8ish, sunday night
you: cute brown-haired boy walking your/someone else's pug/puggish puppy. i assume it was a puppy due to its rambunctiousness, and also due to the fact that it did not like walking on the leash, so you were dancing cutely at it in some sort of attempt to get it to walk, sort of like honeybees (i imagine) dance to tell the other honeybees where to get the pollen.
me: girl in a burgundy floral print dress and pink chucks, whispering "i want to pet that puppy," and getting busted (i think) by you.

i want to pet your puppy. seriously. that's a single entendre.


Alex said...

Ha, single entendre.

bennett said...

Maybe we should all get a puppy that we each keep for a day a week - really just to pick up more dates. Those things are irresistible.

Nicky said...

i agree. There was a guy in the resturant with a french bulldog puppy ( which seriously might be the cutest thing in the world..ever) and I totally would have done him.

kinslerbot said...

ok, but a PUG, seriously, what dog goes straight to your heart more than that? I bet he stole it, just for this reason, and that's why he was doing the dance.

Alex said...

Not only are dogs endearing, they're also a great icebreaker. No one's afraid to talk to someone if they have a dog.

Also, not that I'd be anxious to date someone with kids (not 100% opposed to it necessarily, just not looking for it) but whenever I see a cute young dad out with his adorable baby, it totally melts my heart.

Anonymous said...

Single or not, that entendre was breath-taking.