Friday, September 14, 2007

Smoke Signal from the Heatherette Tent

Ok, I responded to the guy who responded to my Fashion Wk post. He's definitely not the right guy. But - for the sake of the experiment that is this blog, I'm tempted to go out with him. Plus, there's a good chance that the guy I wrote about was gay.

Anywhooo, my friend Charlie* suggested a "5 minute date." Basically, it's what it sounds like. You're only allowed to go out for 5 minutes, whether you like each other or not. Then, if it's good you can go out again, and, if it's bad, you haven't wasted too much time. Plus, it's makes for a quick, easy get-away if one or both parties turn out to be dangerous predators.

Read the response below and weigh in.

hey B,

great to hear from you! I guess it wasn't me then, for I was there after 10pm :(. I'm a magician/comedian/foodie in nyc. I party and entertain all over, go to many fashion/entertainment soires, etc.. how about you? what were you doing there? anywhoo, hope you find the chap you are looking for..lets grab drinks if you want! hope all is well..have a beautiful weekend!


*Names changed to protect the innocent.


sasha said...

hmmmm....i say do it! but in a public place. obvi.

Bennett said...


Do you think he could be British? "Chap" "Cheers"...

Alex said...

omg (a) he's maybe british (b) he was at the heatherette party (c) HE'S A FUCKING MAGICIAN OMG

aka yes go out with him and also the five minute idea is the most brilliant i've ever heard. copyright that shit!

p.s. are we allowed to swear on here? i don't know if we discussed that.

Frankie said...

five minute date is the BEST FUCKING IDEA EVER. you have to do it, and you have to use the word "trick" in a saucy manner at some point.

this blog is now rated R.

Bennett said...

the jury is in - the five minute date is a good idea.

now, how do i phrase the email back to him? don't want to seem crass, although, if he's like most men, my response seeming evasive and a little mean will probably just interest him more. but, that's probably true of all people.

alright, i'll save the rest for therapy.

Alex said...

Do you mean how to suggest the 5 Minute Date idea? Hmmm. I can think of two possible approaches:

(1) Make plans with him to do something will just inherently be really quick (e.g. the post office) and tell him that you have something else planned right after the date.

(2) Be totally up front and suggest the 5 Minute Date idea.

Bennett said...

My Response
aka Bring on the 5 Minute Date

hey Hal*

I'm in ****** - a *******. I went because a friend of a friend manages Lotus and could get us in to some shows. It was interesting to check out the models (and the overwhelming number of
un-fashionable, normal people). Your professions must find you at these kinds of events all the time. Do you have a party trick you always keep handy?

Let's certainly grab a drink - but I must warn you, I have a 5 Minute Blind Date rule. It's basically exactly what it sounds like - the first time we meet will be for 5 minutes only, whether we're the most
brilliant two people to ever meet or not.

I'm free during happy-hour/early evening on Wed and Fri of next wk.
Got a free five minutes during that time?

*Names changed/professions withheld to protect the innocent.

Alex said...

Bennett, you should write a book. It could be like "You're Just Not That Into Him" (which I think might already be a real book so check on that before publication). This email you sent him should be framed in gold.