Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sage Advice Indeed

Attn: all women who ride the subway - m4w - 32

To make things easier.Number one be observant! I find most of you are all up in your books,magazines,ipods,staring at the floor and what not.This is not conducive to meeting someone.Ok unless you happen to have a bf,hubby,having a bad day,death in the family etc.. then its ok to do that.Besides being observant there maybe a time a terrorist plots a nefarious plot and you manage to see the bag of explosives he left behind.You could become a heroine!Secondly if you do happen to notice a man checking you out and giving you a smile please smile back!! If he is not your type or happens to be a weirdo then obviously you will not look back at him.So like I said smile once then smile again ... sometimes a guy needs to be reassured that its not just his imagination or that maybe the guy that's next to him is the one getting smiled at lol lastly if time is short and both like one another then this is the place to post ! lol but if and the man are not strapped for time then once you exit the subway give him that come here look the man should follow and make convo ok? well it wont work like that most of the time buy anyways that's my suggestion to make things simple and maybe meet a great person!

I'm glad he gives an exception for a death in the family because otherwise that's harsh!


Nicky said...

amen to that, but it's real hard for me. i like my magazine and i don't like crazy people (usually)

ps. i love that i am awake and bored on an early sunday morning (3:09am to be exact) and you have provided for me late night missed connection blogging. thanks!

Alex said...

thanks for providing me with late night missed connection commenting!