Friday, September 14, 2007

Connections, Missed and Otherwise

Is it wrong to post a Missed Connection that you had while you were on a sort of date with another missed connection? This is an ethical question that I pose to you, fair readers.

So, I went to Cafe Pick Me Up and the juggler was totally there. In fact, he was waiting for me and he was drinking tea and reading a book that he picked up on the dollar shelf at Strand. I told him I wanted to get some coffee first which gave me time to compose myself.

But, ok, so I'm standing in line and this guy asks me how much the free wireless costs but then totally extends the conversation for like 18 minutes longer than it takes to talk about internet fees and I was like "Hello, missed connection, thank you!"

Anyway. Back to the juggler.

It turns out that he doesn't actually live in New York. He's on a car-free cross-country road trip and is just in town for a few weeks. We talked a lot about traveling and he's really interested in social experimentation via craigslist so we had some interesting conversation about that. He's into it from mostly a random acts of kindness perspective which I found really refreshing and interesting.

There were no fireworks but he seems like a neat guy and I'm glad that we met. He took my email address but I didn't take his. One of the things we discussed is the beautiful kind of relationships you form while traveling. A relationship that "is what it is"-- you learn from each other and you create something memorable together and then you move on without the obligation to send Christmas cards every year. There's something nice about that, I think.

After coffee, I met up with Sasha, a friend I've had since I was sixteen, and we drank half-price chocolate martinis and strawberry mojitos and celebrated her new job.

And, you know, there's something nice about that, too.


Frankie said...

i like that ending.

sasha said...

me too cause i was there...well for the last part anyway!