Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Find Us on Google, Pt. II

As previously blogged by Frankie, we're able to see the google search terms that bring our fair readers to this site. Most of the time we forget to check them, but last night I decided to take a peek.

Here are a few gems that I've unearthed just for you:

  • "long island foot fetish" (6 different people searched for this)
  • "chicago foot fetish" (a few of these, too)
  • "hoboken foot fetish"
  • "is foot fetish normal"
  • about 900 zillion other foot-fetish-related searches
  • more than one variation of "lobster fetish"
  • "ultra-sound testicular fetish" (I just threw up in my mouth)

Advice / Questions
  • "why boyfriend needs a craigslist account" (he's cheating on you) (or selling his guitar)
  • "my boyfriend opened a craigslist account" (clearly a growing problem)
  • "situations that women find sexy"
  • "how to find sexy roommates"
  • "i want a sexy roommates" (read this out loud with a fake Italian accent)
  • "what is called sexy part of man?" (what IS called sexy part of man? what is called?)

Gym Crushes
  • "what to say to guy at gym" (how about "you seem very... skilled and agile")
  • "how to tell if the guy at the gym likes me"
  • "how to talk to a cute guy at the gym"
  • "does he like me gym guy"
  • "guy knows i like him and i see him same time at the gym"
  • "gym guy finally talk to me" (are you trying to communicate with him via google searches?)
  • "lot of guys approaching me at the gym" (you and me both, girl! ... no, wait, just you)
  • "when older guys come up to you at the gym what do you do"


  • "koala bikini for hot man" (Frankie: "I'm crafting one this weekend. For man(kind).")
  • "man pulls train with ponytail" (I just... have no comment on this whatsoever.)
  • "sexy nurses vs. sexy librarians" (perhaps the oldest dilemma faced by humankind)
  • "hotman sexy man" (Sasha: "pet name for my future bf")


leigh said...

ok, these are hilarious!!!

sasha said...

these will cheer me up for at least the next year. amazing!

olivia said...

Hands down, "WTF" was the category that had me rolling until my sides hurt. That was brilliant! (Oh, and I have been wondering a good thing to call my man, when boyfriend doesn't quite seem to fit anymore, fiance feels pretentious, he's not my husband, significant other sounds like I'm a lesbian, and partner sounds like I'm a cowboy. And then I read this post. Hotman Sexy Man it is. Definitely.)

Frankie said...

Olivia: I'm so glad we (or the slightly disturbed Googlers of the world could help you out with that!! Thanks for reading!