Monday, September 17, 2007

RE: Happy Monday!!

"RE:Happy Monday!!" = the subject of the email that Hal* the Hand Model just sent me.

Now, "RE:" implies that I sent him an email with the subject, "Happy Monday." Of course, I sent no such e-mail. In fact, since finding him on myspace and deciding that even the 5 Minute Date was going to suck my soul and leave my dry for all future missed (or actual) connections - I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of him.

So, basically, to recap, I'm partially confused and entirely dis-interested.

Do I just never email him back? That seems cruel. Especially since his email ended with a graphic of a smiling and winking happy face. Smiling AND winking.


Frankie said...

never emailing him back isn't cruel - it is exactly what you are: disinterested. cruel would be emailing him back, but saying that he sounds like a total douchebag you'd rather not spend even ONE minute in the company of, much less FIVE WHOLE MINUTES. just stop replying and eventually he'll get the hint. you really are under no obligation to be nice to him, anyway. maybe i'm a cold, unfeeling bitch, but hey, so is life.

Alex said...

Smiling and winking?

I, too, would have trouble leaving that sad little emoticon to wink hopefully for all eternity... but it must be done.

kinslerbot said...

Dear Hal,

Thanks for your email. Some work stuff (family stuff/personal stuff/ whatevs) kinda piled on recently. I'll email you if I find some free time. Good luck with (insert an interest of his).

Alex said...

Did you steal that from LifeScripts? Or from Mad Libs?

Dawnie said...

Don't e-mail him back. You haven't known him long enough for that to be cruel, and he sounds like the kind of guy that might be encouraged by any response, even a negative one.

Alex said...

"... and he sounds like the kind of guy that might be encouraged by any response, even a negative one."

Yes, and we all know that type of guy. Oh, we know him well.