Thursday, September 13, 2007

OK, now I'm obsessively posting.

This is kind of brilliant.

(un)missed connection from the future - m4w - 23

tomorrow, september 14th, at 1:15ish i will be in thompkins square park and i will be failing at juggling. despite my failing, i will have a hat in front of me in which strangers can donate spare change in appreciation of my efforts.

you will see me. you will write a note and walk by and place it anonymously in my hat. upon completion of my juggling i will collect the contents of my hat and find your note, read it, and wonder about you.

the contents of the note are up to you- a place and time to meet, a drawing of yourself, an address where i can write you letters, simple words of encouragement...

so 1:15ish, thompkins square park, i will be wearing a blue v-neck shirt and grey shorts, and i will be juggling...

until then

Should I try to find this guy tomorrow?


Bennett said...

Yes! You need to write him a note. I wish I wasn't working tomorrow, I'd totes go with you.

What to write? ... Well...You should have a few options of what note to leave him depending on how cute he is.

Really hottt = suggestions of erotic things he can juggle next time you guys get to together. Ex. A silk scarf, a lit candle and your nuva ring.

Kind cute = Fun drawing of a treasure map leading a place where you guys can get coffee

Not cute = A dollar. At least he can use it to take out some other girl who is not as cute/funny/smart as you.

Go for it grrrrrl!

sasha said...

you should totally do it! i will be there to comb the area for potential "it" guys to peruse your hat and juggling skills. you would do it for me.

Alex said...

Bennett, you are a genius. I totally did not think of the Multiple Options Plan which would have probably left me scrounging in my purse and/or in my brain for a more appropriate offering. And, Sasha, you're a true friend.

As a plus, even if he's a few balls short of a full clown's set of juggling balls (?), I can finish my ridiculous citation exercise in Cafe Pick Me Up! (It's due at 5pm tomorrow whattttt)

Nicky said...

I totally saw this one on craiglist and thought, what an adventure! My only concern is that I imagine jugglers as hard core pot smokers who wear pacholi. (sp?) But maybe I'm generalizing or you're into that sort of thing.

Frankie said...

bennett, i must echo the "genius" comment. well played. and alex, clearly you must do it. nicky and i have a mutual friend who had a series of sordid affairs with jugglers, and they always made for good story.

Alex said...

The idea is clearly brilliant but now I'm kind of nervous because it's not like he'll be playing the saxophone. If I walk up and put a note in his hat he'll see me and he'll probably say something to me and that's terrifying and also not the point. I was trying to think of a way that I could give him a note without him noticing that it's a note. Like maybe wrapped in a dollar bill?

p.s. Nicky, that's a good point about the patchouli. I'll be on my guard.

Dawnie said...

This absolutely brilliant. I say it's worth checking out - clearly he's smart and has a good sense of humor.