Saturday, September 15, 2007

Need a chair?

Nicky and I went to grab a drink at a local watering hole after seeing a show last night, and I was DETERMINED to miss a connection. When this encounter happened, I said to her: "I offered him a chair half because he needed it, but half to post." We talked a little bit about how it seems like cheating...or actively *create* situations in which connections are missed. I won't bring up the uncertainty principle again, but I know that my general outlook on missed connections has changed since starting the blog.

Frankie posted:
You and your buddy looked at the available table next to me and my buddy, saw that the only way you could both sit was to sit beside each other on the bench against the wall, like teenagers in a 1950s soda shop, and rather adorably and awkwardly sat down. Seeing your discomfort, I offered you the chair that was rather unnecessarily holding my bag. I enjoyed your Coney Island t-shirt and your kickass blue and red sneakers. My friend and I should have invited you guys to sit with us, but we left shortly thereafter.

Would you like to have a drink (whilst sitting) sometime? You seem to enjoy both.

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