Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Craigslist Waxes Poetical

Noticed some peeps getting a little more creative:

my store, the knife - m4m - 21 (West Village)

you take my breath a way ay ee ay ay ee ay

you were the saddest song in the shape of a woman... - w4w - 24

and i thought you were beautiful.
N train downtown 1:00 am


whenever i see you the rest of the day my blood feels all fizzy there, did you feel it of course not

We work together and you know I like you - m4w - 37

just give in already.

These folks get right to the point. Or, completely avoid the point.


Alex said...

here's my latest favorite:

for the love of g-d, talk to me! - m4w - 32

you are a man, or a woman, both, or something in between.
you are a tattoo. an ipod. a nose ring. a suit. a skirt.
long, medium, short, or no hair. you looked at me, or
didn’t, or were looking in my direction to read the
dr. z poster, or the escape instructions in spanish,
or english, or both. you were listening to neutral
milk hotel, or justin timberlake, and had a black
sabbath, or franz ferdinand, or pavarotti
(RIP) t-shirt on. you were reading eggers,
or thackery, or hamsun, or dan brown, or
the wall street journal, or the economist,
or the post, or the new yorker, or
soldier of fortune. i noticed that
you were looking over some balance
sheets, or manuscripts, or a musical
score, or marketing plan, or contact
sheets. tough to tell from across the train.
you had nice combat boots, or heels, or boots
with heels, or sneakers, or sandals, or
mandals on. you smiled, or grimaced, or
winced, or cried, or laughed. i talked to
you that one time, or didn’t,
and you e-mailed me back
or talked to me
or didn’t. i


sasha said...

seriously people?!

Frankie said...

haha. "mandals."

Widow, by Lauren Kinsler said...

whenever i see you the rest of the day my blood feels all fizzy there, did you feel it of course not

I love that. I feel like Coldplay's Rush of Blood To The Head should be playing in the background ;)

i-heart-random-silliness said...

YES! I've been waiting for an appropriate post to leave this one I found (thanks a lot, Ladies, you have me reading the Missed Connections in my area now) that I really like:

A Poem for Sylvia - m4w

Come back, Sylvia!
Get your head out of that bell jar!
It will get misshapened in there,
And you may suffocate.

Come back and write us some more poetry.
Suicide is such a lousy pickup line.