Wednesday, September 12, 2007

lookin' fashionable at fashion wk

where: lotus at fashion wk
when: earlier tonight, before/during(?) the zac posen show

me: blue eyed girl in turquoise dress
you: dark eyed guy in jeans and jacket

my friend and i were gossiping - too loudly i you overheard and thought i was talking about your friend. i wasn't following our chat too well (blame the free drinks...) remember the name of the friend i was gossiping about?

the right answer gets you a very fashionable prize.


Bennett said...

Two responses on first post with 24 hours...i can't believe people really read these things.

So, here they are. One is certainly porn. Neither are probably the right guy.

1. hey there..what time did this happen? i was there, dressed as you
descibed-but it was the heatherette party..let me know..hope all is of luck..




2. Hi sorry but i´m not the lucky guy from the at fashion wk but if u want to
i hope u like

Flickr agora em português. Você clica, todo mundo vê. Saiba mais.

Now, question of the day, should I email back the "normal sounding but probably not the guy" guy?

Alex said...

Ok, you described the guy as having dark eyes and wearing jeans and a jacket. You are probably going to get like 874 (gay) dates out of this.

I think you should reply to this first guy if for no other reason than because it might provide good content.

Alex said...

p.s. You should reply to the second guy for the same reason. Ok, just kidding.

Bennett said...


"it was sometime between 8 and 10pm, at those funny little tables by the lotus bar.

i don't know anything about the heatherette party, i was really just tagging along to see all the fashion wk insanity.

what were you doing there?"

I wanted to keep it casual and a bit disinterested, as its not the guy i met and he may be totally lame/gay/ugly/heinous/obese/ know all the deal breakers

Alex said...

Wait, gay is a dealbreaker? Oh shit, so that's what I've been doing wrong all this time!