Monday, September 17, 2007

Curly Speaks! (Maybe)

Previously on Misconnecting in the City...

Alex exchanges smiles but not phone numbers with a cute, curly-haired dude on Mercer while wearing the same dress that she's worn in her last, like, four missed connections. Adeptly observes that he's wearing a shirt.


subject: im wondering?

I work right there. was that you? we should go get some coffee. i dont remember what shirt that was.


Following Bennett's sage advice, I searched for him on MySpace, Facebook, and Google before even drafting a response. Despite my enviable internet stalking skills, I found nothing useful except a MySpace Music profile for a dude in New York who has the same (extremely uncommon) first name as my would-be suitor.

The good news: he doesn't appear to be a juggler, a magician, or a hand model (you can't make this stuff up, folks) and going out with him will probably not limit my future discounted wine prospects. The other good news: he's actually a pretty good musician and looks cute in his pictures. The bad news: he doesn't have curly hair or a beard so it's probably not the same guy. Or maybe he just got a hair cut?

What should I say? Should I just meet him for coffee or ask him for more info? Clearly I need to spend at least three posts over-analyzing this.


Frankie said...

what i'm getting here is this:
1. he's cute
2. he's a good musician*
3. he wants to meet for coffee
4. you're wondering if you should go for it.

i understand the necessity of many posts in which to overanalyze, but DUDE. COME ON. DO IT.

*be forewarned, though, that a musician is only slightly better than an actor in terms of flakiness/cockiness/heartbreak potential.

Bennett said...

I agree with Frankie, DO IT. Our fans and readers are going to get restless if we never go on any actual dates.

Also, I advocate for the 5 Minute Date. If I'm not going on one this week (see Re: Happy Monday!), then you should.

PPS. Musician is just as bad as actor in all fore-mentioned categories. But, he might write a song for you. And, that is hotttt.

PPPS. See if he can write us a theme song for the blog. Something sexy, but, you know, classy.

Alex said...

Ok, ok. I think my real concern is that he's neither cute, curly-haired boy nor cute, myspace music boy but instead creepy weirdo boy.

For example, it seems from his post that the only reason he thinks it's him is because he "works right there" but then he goes on to say "was that you?" Was who me? What does that mean? Is he implying that he smiled at a woman who matched my description?

Also, I feel like if he truly owned a gray shirt with a guy's face on it and wore it like four days ago, he would know which shirt I'm talking about. Unless he owns like 18 shirts that match that description and, in that case, that's weird.

Ok, fine, I'll email him back, I guess.