Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pirate update, part 2

Turns out our friend redbeard is a pool aficionado. An excerpt from the latest missive:

Im a big pool player, Im pretty good but Im all about having fun when
I play... I play with alot of people who get upset or actually angry
if they lose or whatever - I'm totally not like that, its a game, if
I wanted to get upset at it then I'd have to call it work.
There are folks who cant play to save their life but still enjoy the
social aspect of it and have fun, and there are folks who cant play
and dont like to try...

If your one of the first perhaps a game is in order some day...

I'm not even going to address the punctuation problems. Under normal circumstances, the flagrant misuse of your/you're would mean automatic disqualification, but it's all for you, children. It's all for you.


Alex said...

i so do not see you with a you're/your confuser but, like you said, it's all for the blog. and he did seem cute, in a piratical way.

p.s. "confuser" is apparently a real word, sort of, but means something non-sensical.
now i'm confuser!

sasha said...

i learn so much from this blog!

tell your friends!

Widow, by Lauren Kinsler said...

do it for the people!

Drew said...

oh no, Frankie, do you think he might already have a girlfriend? Because I just saw this on overheard in new york:

Concert-goer to friend: ... And then she told me, 'I had a shitty birthday, but what do you expect? I'm dating a pirate!' And I said, 'He's not a pirate, he's a douchebag! You're dating a douchebag!'

--Beacon Theatre, 75th & Broadway