Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Normally the Only Hot Cops I Like Are the Ones GOB Knows

apparently this is in cardiff. those wacky welsh! finally, a part of my heritage i can be proud of.[photo via Robb1e]

Our neighbors were burgled yesterday, which seriously, seriously sucks for them. They seem like nice dudes. But then: you and your partner came to interview my roommate and me regarding the burglary. When I told you my last name, you told me there was an ultimate fighter with the same last name. "You related? I thought maybe you could get me an autograph." Sadly, I'm not, and I can't. My roommate thought you were flirting. I couldn't tell, because I was too distracted by your dimples.

If I can get over my inherent distrust of authority, we should hang out sometime under better circumstances. Bring the cuffs.

Update 12/16: I only got two responses to this post. One was short and boring, and the other was the following, which is at least entertaining, if nothing else.

Hey hun.. you . I think my friend is the guy who was the cop who interviewed you. Because my friend told me that he interviewed to cute girls that lived next to some guy who got robbed. But i dont know what the chances are that you are the girl because i never look at this part of craigslist.. and i tried it 2day and found this and i thought that was funny and weird if ur that girl lol

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dude with Derelicte Shoes

I just assumed you were gay, since I assume every cute dude I meet is gay until proven otherwise (I find it saves time). Plus, you were selling stuff at a craft fair, so...signs were not pointing in a straight direction.

But maybe you weren't? And you actually really thought my shoes were rad in the way that straight dudes can totally find girls' shoes rad? Your own shoes were apparently, if you are to be believed, stolen from a homeless dude. Which is rad also.

In any event, you were cute and I would totally shill for your wares anytime.