Friday, September 14, 2007

Mr. Itchy Trigger Finger

Hal* responded to my e-mail suggesting the 5 minute date in 2 minutes. Literally. 2 minutes. C'mon. Atleast take the time to spell check.

Also, his suggestion to call him before we go out defeats the purpose of the 5 minute date. Why can't he just get on board. And, what area code is 516? Geeessh.

hey bennett,


you're a *******-*********! that is amazing!! we have much to talk about!!

yea..i hang with models all the time..well, i am one, actually--a wrist model--watches and bracelets-i have the sexiest left wrist in the northeast...

any time i leave my apt, i am entertaining..i blow minds! i go to fashion/entertainment events on a weekly, basis, yes :) :)

5 minute blind date rule sounds or friday eh? wow, u sure are a busy gal..y dont u call me first so we can chat first..whats on deck for the weekend?

have a beautiful weekend!





Alex said...


there are so many excellent things in this email. did he really write this in two minutes? MY MIND IS BLOWN.

you clearly have to go.

kinslerbot said...

obvi, butttt...maybe bring a friend? Or definitely in a public space! He kind of sounds like an egotistical jerk, but maybe he's hot?

Alex said...

Oh, he's obviously an egotistical jerk! That's exactly why she should go out with him (in a safe, public place)! It's all for the blog!!

Bennett said...

nice - sacrafice me to the wrath of the dating gods, all for the sake of the Blagh.

But, seriously, i'm not calling him. Another email and just name the time and place? I don't want to fall victim to a terrible, bloody slaying by the most sexiest left wrist in the northeast...

ps. as a seperate topic of discussion, and maybe worthy of its own post, are models worse that actors? discuss.

Alex said...

Oh, I totally misunderstood his email the first time. He wants you to call to chat? I thought he just meant "call to make sure we're on for the date".

Forget it. No chatting. Five minute dates with magician/hand-models is good for the blog. Chatting is not good for the blog.

Russell said...

I already can see a future post from Alex:

"Well, I totes love this guy, but I can't get married to him since then I won't be able to write this blog anymore. Obvi."