Friday, September 28, 2007

the waiting is the hardest part: a scene

[it is 3:15am in a New York City subway stop. a GIRL enters the deserted platform. the sign indicating the ETA of the next train reads 37 minutes. a BOY enters the platform. he looks at the sign, glances about, barrels up the stairs, then back down.]
BOY: Is that for real? Is it? Is that FOR REAL?
GIRL: I doubt it.
BOY: [with the nervous energy of a squirrel hoarding his nuts] I’m brand new! I don’t know what to do! Is that FOR REAL? Seriously? That’s when the train is coming?
GIRL: Well, one time it said the next train was in, like, 20 minutes, and it was actually only about 4. So maybe we should give it some time.
BOY: What do I do? What do I do? I’m new! I’ve only been here two weeks!
GIRL: Where are you going?
BOY: Greenpoint.
GIRL: Well, you can wait, or you can get a car. That’s pretty much it.
[they stand awkwardly for about 2 minutes.]
BOY: I’m going to make a phone call. That train comes, you yell. You just yell as loud as you can.
GIRL: I will.
[the GIRL waits another two minutes, then exits the platform and joins the BOY on the street]
BOY: You giving up?
GIRL: Yeah, I’m not going far. Are you cool to get where you’re going?
BOY: My friend called me a car. Maybe we could share?
GIRL: Well, we are going the same way.
BOY: Well, actually, no, see, my friend, she’s paying for it, and…
GIRL: Oh, this is mine. Good luck.
[they shake hands.]

He was mildly cute, but seemed like he may have had a drug problem.

to the boy with the mama and baby elephant tattoo who commiserated with me at the montrose stop about the length of time the train was taking until we both gave up and took cars - i hope you made it home safely. it's not always that crazy.

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