Tuesday, September 25, 2007

update: pirate edition

so the pirate and i have been trading emails back and forth; a meeting has not been proposed as yet by either party, but we have had a fair amount of conversations re:
  • movies
  • his aversion to both hair and jesus christ superstar
  • gambling, including something calledthe "comp list" for atlantic city, which apparently means he is some sort of high roller
  • he sent me the link to his other graphic design website where he describes some of his work, including a screenplay that [this is not verbatim to circumvent any sort of googling mishaps] involves a battle against a robotic garbage entity gone crazy.
  • a film called zardoz which looks AMAZING(LY BAD)
when this busy week is over, maybe i will suggest this fellow and i take in a film. any ideas?


Bennett said...

Do it! You could be the first one of us to get a real date out of this whole experiment.

Alex said...

gotta love the red flag label.

and yes! movie! do it! just make sure that it's rated 'arrrrrrrgh'...

sasha said...

oh oh pirates of the caribbean! oh wait or that movie from the 80's with steve guttenberg and the talking robot (johnny 5)- wait i don't think these are playing the theaters...i need to get out more i guess.