Friday, September 14, 2007


Realizing I had Hal's* email address, I looked him up on ye olde Myspace.

oh geez, ladies...let this be a lesson to us all - research first, reply to emails second.

A few highlights from his profile:
-A picture of him posing proudly next to Danny Devito- whom he is an entire inch taller than.
-He lists only magazines as his "Favorite Books"
-His blog entries are full of legnthy amateur restraurant reviews (ie snooooze fest)
-He wants to meet someone who "enjoys being wined and dined, and entertained as well..." (I'm sorry, this creeps me out. Maybe I just don't know how to let anyone treat me rings false.)
-A link to his website - classic/terrible comedian/magician schtick.

His claim that we will have "lots to talk about!" makes me a little scared.

So, with mounting evidence that this guy is a total douche, and, yet, for the sake of the blagh - do the 5 minute date anyway?


Alex said...

This is such a tough one. As a friend, I want to spare you. But as a co-blogger, god, this is funny. But I also feel like at this point you have probably been through enough with Hal. I think it's safe to put this one to rest.

p.s. I apologize in advance if this comment made no sense. Sasha and I just overly-enjoyed some incredible choco-tinis at Max Brenner's happy hour.

kinslerbot said...

NO WAY, don't do it. Please...don't do it.

Alex said...

Haha geez! The guy sounds annoying but he's not going to, like, murder her on a five-minute date in a bar. He might destroy her will to live, though. That would be my main concern.

Frankie said...

look at it this way: what could possibly happen on the date that would be more hilarious than what you've already (very skillfully) milked from this online encounter? i don't think it's necessary.

Alex said...

That's my thought exactly. An actual conversation with this dude would be overkill.