Thursday, September 6, 2007

Corner of Sexy Street and Mysterious Avenue

When: today about 6:15pm
Where: corner of 9th & 2nd Ave. (technically)
What: a double take and eye-lock between a mere pedestrian and a car owner (or at least- a car driver)
Who: a cute twenty-something with unkempt hair making a right-hand turn on 9th (you); a glowing post-workout blonde in bright white nikes and a camel satchel (on the celly) (me)

I don’t know if it was my little brother singing sweetly in my ear, or the fact that I find anyone in new york city with a car just a hint sexier than those without, but I could feel the heat between us. And I don’t think it was coming from the sewer! Damn, if only I could tell this boy that I know how to drive a stick.

Pick me up tomorrow at 8?

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