Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alex Has a Date Tonight! At, uh, Whole Foods?

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Alex writes an improbable craigslist post for a cute boy that she randomly passed on the sidewalk. He somehow actually responds. Grocery shopping ensues.



that is definetly perfect. I work on ****** and ******, so houston and bowery isnt that far. want to meet on Spring and Mulberry, by the park there. A two minute walk from the supermarket. about ***pm. Ill wear a brown shirt that says ******. If something doesnt work, give me a call: ***-***-****. See you later.


I just want to add in a little plug for technology here. I've never been to the corner of Spring and Mulberry and have no knowledge of a park there but due to the magic that is Google Maps, I now know exactly what I'm looking for.

Seriously, y'all. Is that amazing or is that amazing?


Nicky said...

well, I for one am extremely excited to hear the results of the whole foods date. I was just in that store for the first time the other day. And really, it is quite romantic, everything is beautifully organized and displayed.

kinslerbot said...

Whole Foods on the bowery is amazing. I want to have a wedding there. Please results asap!!!

Alex said...

Ok, I was willing to accept it when Nicky called Whole Foods "romantic" but when KinslerBot said she wants to have a wedding there, I laughed for like eighteen minutes. Are they paying you guys? I mean, don't get me wrong, I did invite someone there on a date...

Frankie said...

It's a killer combination:
- flattering institutional lighting, causing you to see things in a new light, literally
- sexy foodstuffs like firm tofu
- the feeling that you are making a good decision by shopping there initially, while kind of wondering in the back of your mind whether you'll pay more than you expected.

just like love.

Alex said...

You are so right, Frankie. On that topic, I want to make a list of appropriate and inappropriate food items to purchase while on a date in a grocery store.

wine (I always forget that you can't buy wine in grocery stores in NYC, that is so weird)

beer (maybe)

fresh vegetables
exotic ingredients
tofu / soymilk

new york super fudge chunk (does this mean that i have to make two trips?)
anti-diarrheal medication

Bennett said...

If he's cute and you don't want him to run away, two trips will be necessary.

If he turns out to be a douche, one trip will be just fine.

Alex said...

Good point. If he turns out to be a douche, I might get two pints.