Monday, September 17, 2007

Curly Speaks, Pt. II

Previously on Misconnecting in the City...

Alex hears back from her curly-haired hit and run... or is it a singer-songwriting imposter?


Dudes, I think this might actually be the guy. Are you kidding me? Does everyone read these things or what?


Hmmm, interesting...

Do you:

(a) have curly hair and occasionally (or ever) wear a grey t-shirt that has some sort of face printed on it
(b) not have curly hair and a grey t-shirt but are cool / worth hanging out with for some other reason?

Let me know,



I do have curly hair. I also have a million t shirts, so many i cant even keep track of them all. I definetly have some grey ones with face-like things printed on. Even better, Im definitely worth hanging out with. We should get together. I work right on mercer street. i finish in the evenings. want to hang out?



I'm contemplating my response. Should I suggest the five minute date? I actually might only have time for one this week. I'm also thinking that, given my track record of social awkwardness on dates, maybe I should suggest something sort of active that doesn't involve lots of inane question-asking and eye contact (or the avoidance thereof).

Thoughts? Suggestions?


UPDATE: I replied.


for sure! this week's a little bonkers for me but i can sneak out tomorrow for a bit if you're free. i have a project due wednesday morning but i do need to go on a grocery run. want to join me on the trek to whole foods?



Frankie said...

once again: DO IT.

the five minute date is a genius plan. "i'll meet you at the gristedes, since i need to pick up some [insert name of sexy/interesting foodstuff]. we can hang out in the [section of store in which said foodstuff is located] section."

kinslerbot said...

omg omg, WHAT DID HE SAY???

Alex said...

We're going on a date to Whole Foods today? Haha. Actually, this is my ideal date location in a way because I am OBSESSED WITH GROCERY SHOPPING. On the other hand, it occurred to me that it's kind of an imbalanced date because he gets to see and judge what kind of food I buy (will I alter my shopping choices because I'm being watched?). Of course, maybe he'll buy stuff, too, and then it won't feel as weird.

It's kind of like a five minute date because if grocery shopping's awkward, I can be like "I've gotta get home and finish this project for tomorrow" but if it's fun, I can drop off my groceries at home (oops, he'll see where I live) and we can grab a drink.

Bennett said...

This is breaking so many after school special dating rules.

Alex said...

Oh my god and you haven't even read my follow-up post yet. We're meeting at a PARK at NIGHT.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about him knowing where you live since our apartments have pretty good security, though I'd leave him in the lobby.
oh this is caroline btw.