Sunday, September 23, 2007

i think this might complete some sort of triumvirate

magician? check.
juggler? check.

In response to my low-hopes post of the other day:

N writes:
not your dude
just saw your post and liked it

ok Im really hung over I was a pirate in the bar all night
gotta go back to sleep

night night

this was written at 2:09 pm, incidentally. my kind of fella, I thought. so I replied:

bar pirate? that sounds amazing. i don't even know what that would entail.
hope you're not hung over anymore.

20 minutes later:

well I went to the Renaissance fair yesterday...
and when I got back instead of going home I went to the bar.
Actually I looked more along the lines of somone out of RobinHood,
but everyone kept saying I was a pirate - so finally I just starting

ugh I actually am still hung over!!!
its pretty bad, my head is killing me.

man I wish I had a smurfs dvd...

how was RE by the way?
- Nick


Renaissance faire??? This is even better than I thought. And by "better," I mean "better for story purposes," not "oh sweet jesus I want a ren faire guy for a boyfriend."

The thing is, I investigated the domain name to which his email is attached, and it's his graphic design firm's website. His PIRATE-THEMED graphic design firm's website.

This could be very, very fruitful.


Bennett said...


Pirate themed designer firm as in they only design for pirates? or as in the firm's logo is a pirate? Either way, please pursue this further.

ps. What is the deal with people responding to MC posts they know are not meant for them??

Nicky said...

he probably has nice legs.. to be able to pull off a robin hood/pirate type getup

sasha said...

to responds to bennett- i think people respond to posts that are obviously not intended for them, because it is just one more way to meet people...or their creepy pirate designers who attend renaissance fairs regularly!

to respond to nicky- i would hope he could pull off tights and/or an eye patch, but it's not a guarantee.

Frankie said...

The firm's logo (and name) are piratical.

I have responded to an MC post that wasn't intended for me, but it was just to compliment their writing style.