Saturday, September 15, 2007

Someone Wrote Back to the Juggler...

RE: missed connection to occur today - m4w - 23, w4m - 20

I was in the city today, with the hopes to at least catch a glimpse of the mysterious poster who unassumingly piqued my curiosity. Unfortunately, I have a terrible sense of direction and I could not make it in time. I don't suppose you'd make another appearance?


RE: missed connection juggler in thompkins square... - m4w - 23

it seems we missed a connection despite my efforts to have one with you. so i will once again be juggling today. this time it will be at 3:15ish, washington square park. the hat will be present. the v-neck shirt will black. the shorts will be grey. and the juggling will be amatuer at best...


To the mystery juggler who will be at Washington Square Park - w4m

I must admit for a complete stranger, you invoke much intrigue. However, if I were not too shy, I would have actually gathered the courage needed and came to see your "performances".

I was completely lost and late the first time. And it appears you may not have read the reply I had written. And this time, I appear to have gotten "cold feet".

If you're the least bit interested in a stranger, you've "unassumingly captivated", post a reply entitled: "Follow the White Rabbit".


Follow the White Rabbit - m4w

If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there...
i recommend trying 72nd street and 5th avenue

and look for a playing card by the white rabbit

but not before noon...


RE: Follow the White Rabbit - w4m

I honestly doubt you're the person (i.e. the juggler at Washington Square Park) I intended the post for.. however, thanks for the "recommended mockery". It was very much unappreciated.


RE: follow the white rabbit - m4w - 23

i'm sorry to hear that you did not think it was i, the juggler, who posted previously. but i can assure you it was me.

i was there at central park this afternoon. but i wasn't juggling (my reflexes are too tired). i realized that telling you to go to 76th and 5th avenue would have been better. my apologies...

go there, enter the park, and look to your left. upon finding the rabbit (this one is not white, but bronze), you might try looking around his hind legs, his left one in particular. when i checked at 6 this evening the card was still there, but i don't have much faith in the strength of scotch tape or curiosity of small children.

i hope you find it... let me know if you don't

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Frankie said...

this is getting out of hand, people of CL.