Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Craigslist Convert

Our first successful contact! Trader Joe's guy just emailed me!


A friend of mine at work pointed me in the direction of this Missed Connection, and through a process of deductive reasoning, I'm pretty sure it was meant for me. I do have dark hair and have a BFA from [name of art school removed].

I'd love to get coffee some time. Shoot me an e-mail back, give me a call (***-***-****), or swing by the store.

I look forward to it.

Of course I instantly emailed my Misconnecting in the City co-bloggers a message fraught with exclamation points and capital letters. I can't believe it was this easy! Craigslist is amazing!

And then I found out a few things.
  1. He's an actor. OH MY GOD HE'S AN ACTOR.
  2. Bennett and Sasha both know him. Wait, are you kidding me? HOW IS IT THAT BENNETT AND SASHA BOTH KNOW HIM?
  3. We think he might be gay.*
But that's cool because I totally forgot that I HATE GOING ON DATES and also I'm new to the city and need to make more friends who aren't law students.

So, in conclusion: Craigslist is awesome, new friends are good, and my life is a web of ridiculous coincidences.

* the jury's still out on this one


Russell said...

You know what's even easier? Asking if he wants to get some coffee in person when you meet them without relying on a slim chance that they read Craigslist. ;)

Ok, I totally just checked out my city's craigslist and someone posted one for me!!! So I guess maybe I can't do my usual ironic post about this. :)

Alex said...

Ok, Mr. Smartypants. And how many people have you randomly asked out in the Trader Joe's checkout line in the past six months? Hmmm?

And, wait, do you really have a missed connection??? Because that is an amazing coincidence if so. MISSED CONNECTIONS IS SWEEPING THE NATION.

Alex said...

Hahaha, ok I totally just checked and there really is a post that looks like it's for you!!!!!! What???? Who knew that people even really used this???

Russell said...

SeriouslY! I laughed for like five minutes after I saw it. And truth be told, I did feel this was a "missed connection" as well since I don't usually meet people who talk about those things within the first minute of meeting someone new.

So count me as the second craigslist convert. :)

Alex said...

It's a day of Craigslist coincidences!

Frankie said...

wait, is it the one about karaoke? because i COMPLETELY SAW THAT and wondered if it was for you!!! are you going to meet her!?! CRAZY!!

Alex said...

Ok, Frankie, why are you still reading the craigslist missed connections for a city in which you no longer live?

Frankie said...

LISTEN, alex, my craiglist use is none of your beeswax. when we started the project i started to wonder how frequent the postings were in other cities, so i checked those out and, obviously, got drawn in.

Alex said...

So "research" basically. Got it. That's my excuse for approximately 97% of my internet usage.

Alex said...

Seriously, Russell, you can't keep us in the dark about this. I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT