Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We've Officially Crossed Some Sort of Line

Text message I just received from Little Napoleon:



Two lessons can be gleaned from this, folks:
  1. Do not ever give out your phone number to anyone.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be That Guy.
  3. Review lessons 1 and 2 as needed.


Nicky said...

I thought that line was crossed a long while ago. this is like a second crazy farther line.

sasha said...

seriously what does this guy not get? i just don't understand how he wouldn't pick up on all the non-responding you've been doing. do you think there is a mental issue we're dealing with / failing to recognize?

Frankie said...

possible responses, since the "nothing" approach seems not to be working:
1. send a text that says, "this is sanjay. who are you trying to reach?"
2. have one of your friends (ahem) call him to tell him that you were suddenly called back into active duty in the army.
3. elaborate scheme involving a fake psyhology study (i won't go into the details here).

Alex said...

Frankie, you're a genius. I might actually use that Sanjay idea. It might just encourage him to start emailing me again (because he will now discount all previous rebuffs as accidental) but at least I can filter emails from him to Trash. (/Slash/ I can copy and paste them directly to this blog.)

sasha said...

amazing! let the legal battles begin.

TheOtherGuy said...

Frankie's list reminded me of one of those e-mails that went around in the late nineties, when the best use for e-mail was to pass around lame joke-lists. This one was something like "100 ways to get rid of your roommate" which all of my middle school friends thought was hilarious, even though we were a good 5 years away from having roommates. The ones I remember:

- Buy two watermelons. Name one after yourself and one after your roommate. Put a band-aid on your forehead, and then put one on your watermelon. When you're cold, put a blanket on your watermelon. Keep this going for a week. Then, while your roommate is in the room, throw their watermelon out the window.

- Buy a new set of knives. Sharpen them frequently, all the time muttering "Soon... soon..."

- Buy a bunch of small plants. Place them in a semicircle around you while you sit on the floor. When your roommate comes into the room, quickly whisper "We'll finish this later."

Oh, good times! Now if only I could figure out one that would get my roommate to sign over the lease to me....

sasha said...

wow i totally missed out on these amazing trend! probably cause we didn't have internet in my house for like the entire time i lived there. i guess i am making up for it now....sad.

ps- "how do you get rid of a little napoleon?" should be a new email forward that we create to make money for this blog.

Alex said...

Incidentally, I just noticed that in the tags for this post, I accidentally typed "retraining orders" instead of "restraining orders". I think they both make sense.