Wednesday, October 17, 2007


the cute is you.

the awkward is me.

we were riding the F train downtown - I got on at 57 street and kept glancing at you, a tall, clean-cut, bespectacled gentleman in a blue patterned buttondown. i thought i caught you looking at me in my purple dress, wrestling with my orange coat a couple of times, but that's probably wishful thinking (or you were thinking, "she is having a really difficult time wrangling that coat"). i'd like to think that if i'd gotten off my ipod earlier, or you'd gotten off at west 4th when i did, i would have talked to you, but that's probably not the case. thus - the awkward. c'est moi.


Alex said...

A. Dor. A. Ble.

p.s. "I like that girl's outfit... Hey, girl, I like your outfit!!"

Alex said...

p.p.s. That last postscript was a reference to something that a little girl yelled to Frankie while playing basketball with her friends in a schoolyard. Frankie told me this story while wearing a purple dress and orange leggings, hence the connection.

sasha said...

amazing! you would be such and cute and colorful couple! this is why ipods should be banned from subways (even though i'm guilty at times of this too)...less missed connection opportunities!