Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little Napoleon Strikes Again

Little Napoleon texted me again yesterday, asking if I wanted to meet up after work.

Ok, let's review.

I posted a missed connection ad for someone who was clearly not him. He responded. We made plans to hang out, those plans were foiled. That was five weeks ago. Since that time, he has emailed me twice, left me one voicemail, and sent me two text messages.

I know that the guys out there might be thinking, "Have a heart, let the guy know what's up!" I did let the guy know what's up. It's called not returning any form of communication for five weeks. That is what's up. In my experience, if you try to be a grown-up and say "Hey, I'm just not that into you" what the dude actually hears is "Please continue calling me and coming by my house to put mix cds in my mailbox for the next eight months."

Anyway, so my mind was blown.

And THEN, just when I thought my mind could not be blown ANY FURTHER, I get a text from him again today asking if I want to see a movie with him tonight.

I cannot comprehend what would drive someone to this bizarre level of masochism.


Nicky said...

he is totally unacceptable, like, in life. I try to be nice generally, but something is not all there with this person

sasha said...

i agree! this guy does not get it and you don't have time to teach him the "womanly ways" of communication. ok i don't know what this means...but he's creepy.