Thursday, November 1, 2007

Your New Bible

In response to various recent conversations about men who are "in a relationship", "bad with email", "hindu", etc., I decided that it's time for Misconnecting in the City's first Book Club Brunch. My thought is that we all read the same relationship-related book and then talk about how true/hilarious/offensive it is. I ordered six copies of That Book That Everyone Loves to Hate Until They Finally Read It and Then Are Converted.

That's right, the Bible.

No, not that Bible. This Bible.

Anyway, your copies are in the mail and will be here in a week or two. You can probably read the whole thing one day while your nails are drying, it's a very quick read. And then we can dish about it! On the blog! Together! Genius!


sasha said...

semi-genius but i want to resist it (and always have) based on the title. i mean how could someone not be into me?!...or us? i mean we're kind of amazing.


talk to my hand.

ps- i might read it and discuss it but i refuse to call anything my "bible"

except maybe this:

sasha said...

why can't i fix this link- alex can you help me?

sasha said...

it's the guide to getting it on.

Alex said...

Well, the book was like $4 including shipping so you don't even actually have to read it but it's fucking hilarious so you probably should.

Alex said...

p.s. Re: Links. You can't just post them on blogger because they cut off (as you can see). I always forget that though. You have to do the whole [a href=""]The Guide to Getting It On[/a] thing.