Friday, October 26, 2007

Variations on a Theme

So maybe it's the crispness of the Fall starting to seep in through the gutters, or maybe I have felt extra frisky, but this has been a busy week for me and the MC's....

14th St/8th Ave Station- Tuesday morning- 9:20 am- black jeans and brown hair - w4m- 25

you: tall and slender with a black t-shirt and black jeans walking from the L to the A
me: girl with green galoshes and a huge bag

I was checking you out all the way from the L to the uptown A. It was the only time I wished for a longer walk between trains. I sped up to meet your quick pace but inadvertently passed you too far. I looked back and you had taken a seat on the bench. I walked back towards you thinking perhaps I could lure you with my sexy "waiting for the train casually" stance, but then I saw Bennett and was completely distracted. I ran over to say hello to her and when we hugged, I looked down at you and we finally locked eyes. I would have loved to chat, but a girl cannot deny her bff in a chance subway encounter. Hopefully you'll be taking this route again soon and if you do, look for the blonde scouring for her future man.

Terminal 5 - 9 pm - Wednesday night- a total cutie with a beanie (and maybe a tie-dye shirt)- w4m - 25

you: cutie with long brown hair and a beanie at the Shins concert
me: blonde with black top, jeans and a plethora of headbands

You were obviously thrilled to be at this concert and you quietly mouthed the words to every song. It was pretty adorable. Your smile was contagious and I would have crept up closer, but you were with another girl (maybe your gf...hopefully your sister) I was with another guy, but just a friend! Maybe it was all the pot in the air, but something about you was working for me. After it was all over, we were corraled into a tight corridor and I tried to catch your eye. We locked eyes for a moment, but the next thing I knew I was shoved into the t-shirt booth and you were gone. Maybe we could meet at my place to listen to some tunes...or at least hit up another concert.

2nd Ave and 9th Street- Thursday night- 11:45 PM - a semi-crazy on the town- w4m- 25

you: the semi-crazy/possible homeless guy who dances with his belly exposed usually in front of "Love saves the Day" or "Pommes frites"
me: the semi-intoxicated blonde with new fall boots, cropped jacket and a sassy strut

I had just said goodbye to a friend when I turned onto 9th Street. You looked me up and down and immediately said "Oh my fuckin god, you are so beautiful." As I passed I laughed and then turned back to say, "Thanks....nice." I don't know what to make of this but I definitely think it was the best street come-on I've heard in a while. We may not have a future together, but that line was the perfect ending to a perfect night.


sasha said...

so i got a response about the adorable guy at the shins concert...of course it wasn't the guy. here was what this guy had to say:

from: strange second-hand admirer
to: me

Sorry I'm not that guy but I just had to tell you your post was
adorable. Even the title "cutie with beanie" was just too cute. But then when I read your actual post (which I'm sure I never would have if it weren't for the title), what you had to say was even more adorable. Did he reply? Who are you?

i am thinking about replying to this guy just cause he seems nice. but seriously what is the point of responding to people who you know are looking for someone else? so strange.

sasha said...

ok so i responded. i wanted to wait a few minutes for the suspense factor....but technically he wrote me like 3 days ago.

from: me
to: strange second-hand admirer

no i never heard back from the guy....but in all honesty he might have been like 17- it's hard to tell in the semi-lit club atmosphere. were you at the concert or did you just come across this randomly? and who am i?....who are you?

sasha said...

ok after my semi-bizarre response, he wrote back...

from: second-hand admirer
to: me

Seventeen? Your secret is safe with me. Don't wanna see you get

No, I wasn't at the concert. It's really random that I even looked at
your ad, and if it weren't that title (cutie with a beanie) that STILL seems so funny and adorable to me at the same time, I don't think I ever would have looked at your post. I know, it's pretty bizarre.

I am just a guitar playing kinda guy who took a chance that you wouldn't think I was completely nuts for replying to a post that was not intended for me.

Tell me a pet peeve. Tell me something that really pisses you off.

sasha said...

and of course i responded- cause i have nothing better to do.

from: me
to: him

hmmm...well obviously i don't think your nuts for responding. a) cause i posted it- which is already sort of strange and b) i responded to your response which is even stranger.

so if anything we're both nuts.

a pet peeve? hmmm- people who push through the subway doors the second they open without letting the people getting off move first. that is very annoying and rude. but something that really pisses me off? men who send semi-flirtatious responses to my missed connections who don't even live in the same city. now that's just mean!

Alex said...

This guy sounds seriously weird to me. I can't quite put my finger on it but something about the way he talks about your post. It reminds me of some creepy older dude with a weird fetish but I can't quite explain why. I'm interested to see how he responds!

sasha said...

i know what you mean- at first he seemed kinda cute, but the more he keeps talking about how "cute and funny" my post was, the more i keep thinking he's like 60 with a fetish for hot, young things (, young things...?) if this is the case obviously i don't want to go there- we don't need any more possible legal/moral issues on this blog!

sasha said...

ok he seriously responded before i finished commenting...but he does seem kinda cute. but he also brought up the post again- i don't get it!

from: him
to: me

Oh come on...."cutie with a beanie;" how could any reasonable person resist wanting to know about the person who would write such a thing?

That is a great pet peeve. That really annoys me too. You know what really gets me on the subway? Guys usually do this......I'll sit down next to someone who has their legs wide open and their knee is all the way over into my space and they won't move it and I'm all scrunched in. That really infuriates me and half the time I end up getting into it with the other person.

That's a terrible pet peeve. Was my email "semi-flirtatious"? I JUST left NYC. I don't have to stay here. So if you fall in love with me, and I'm very hard to resist, I can always go back.

Now tell me something that really makes you happy.

Alex said...

Wait, I think the guy sounds even crazier now!

1. "Cutie with a beanie" is not really funny/cute enough to warrant so many references (I don't mean that as a criticism, you're obviously adorable and hilarious, but that title was nothing to go on about). Maybe he has a beanie fetish? That's really fucking weird.

2. Ummm how often does he "get into it" with random people on the subway? That's really fucking weird.

3. He's probably just kidding but if he's seriously implying that he would leave his life in CA for someone he's never met in NYC based purely on a vaguely endearing craiglist post... that's really fucking weird.

In conclusion: really fucking weird.

Frankie said...

Alex is totally right about the harping on the title thing. Of all the titles of all the missed connections we've all posted, "Cutie with a beanie" is not even in the top ten. It's probably not even in Sasha's top ten.

I do think you should keep this going and see what happens, though. I want to find out what makes this dude happy. Probably getting into it with people on the subway who are wearing beanies.

sasha said...

omg! i am still laughing from the term "beanie fetish." alex this may be my favorite series of comments by you ever and that's saying a lot. yeah about the "cutie with a beanie;" the funny thing was i remember writing that post very clearly. i was sitting in front of my computer and i was trying really hard to think of something really cute or funny and i could not think of ANYTHING! so finally i was like fuck it, whatever "cutie with a beanie" - talk to my hand.

i am thinking of responding back with simply a pic of what makes me happy. i thought of sending one of my little brother, but now with modern day technology i am scared that he will be able to use the pic to like scan my brother's face and then discover his identity and thus discover my identity...and then he will kill me...or find me on facebook- something really weird.

Frankie said...

don't subject your little brother's precious face to this sketchpad.

sasha said...

oh thank god- i thought i just deleted all these precious comments! i posted my response but realized i gave it no introduction. i responded to him- we'll wait and see what happens.

from: me
to: him

where did you move?...and how could you leave nyc?

what makes me happy? honestly as cheesy as it sounds, just hanging out with my closest friends makes me the happiest girl in town.

oh and dancing- of course.

what does it for you?

Alex said...

I love your description of this CSI-like technology with the face scanning! Brilliant!

Nicky said...

see and my cynical mind thought, when you considered sending the picture of your little brother, that maybe he would think that YOU were the creepy older pedophile with a hankering for younger men... but my mind works funny like that

sasha said...

oh lord- i don't see an end in sight for this convo. got another email this morning.


I moved to Maine. I went from living just off Broadway in NYC to a town where I had to walk a mile to mail a letter. And since I didn't get a car yet, I haven't been out of the house since Thursday, when I got to experience the sheer joy of going to Wal Mart because my roommate had to buy curtains.

I don't think what you said was cheesy. It makes me happy when I really connect with can be as simple as a great conversation.

What are your three most favorite things to eat? Where in NYC do you
live? Are you a native New Yorker?

sasha said...

from: me
to: him

that's intense! i mean the wal-mart thing. that place kinda scares me (ok scares me a lot).

i live on the best block in the east village right off of tompkins square park and i love it. i am originally from florida but moved here in 2001 to go to school. i love it here.

i love so many types of food! it's hard to get too specific. i was vegan for over 5 years so i do love organic, vegan and raw food...but if i had to pick my 3 favorite things....

1) vegan cake (from atlas)

2) thai food- i really can't get more specific than that- it's all so delicious!

3) sushi

now you have to tell me a little bit more about you. why did you move to maine? what do you miss about new york? what are your top 3 food pics? (although i have to tell you- that is a tough one!)

Alex said...



i love the fact that you thought if you sent him your little bro's pic he was going to somehow use csi technology to scan it and find it and kill you

and then you told him (and the internet public) the EXACT BLOCK that you live on as well as your favorite hangout

on that note, he sounded considerably less creepy in his most recent email although his previous potential creepitude still stands.

Alex said...

oh wait you didn't tell him the EXACT block. ok he probably won't find you and kill you now.

sasha said...

yes i tried to protect myself. hopefully he won't go to the website:

just kidding, i made that up- but not a bad idea right?

actually horrible doesn't even make sense.

Alex said...