Saturday, October 6, 2007

I love this series of posts

October 3rd, 8:15 pm
hot indian - w4m - 28 (streeterville)
to the hot indian at my bus stop,you not the typical indian: rugged, sexy and gorgeous. Every girl at the bus stop had their eye on you. Hope to see you again. What does it take for you to notice me?

October 5th, 8:37 pm
Who is the hot indian? - w4m - 26 (streeterville)
I keep reading about this hot India guy around streeterville. The only ones I see are the geeky or preppies that go to NW> dress the same look the same.Ofcourse the guys . Haven't seen you atypical rugged, gorgeous India guys other than in bollywood. So who is this craigslist legend?

October 5th, 10:43 pm
hot indian - w4m - 25 (streeterville)
hot indian, I know, my neighbor. Lives in my building and rides bus nuber 29. Great guy too,definetly not your typical doctor type. according to our doorman he might be taken ,have not seen him with any girls.Definetly u girls should give it a shot. He is a nice guy.

October 5th, 11:34 pm
To the Hot Indian poster (Dude)
You do realize that nobody is going to reply to your posts about yourself, right?


sasha said...

now that is community in the making people....wait.

Maroon Memoirs said...

Damn. And damn. If y'all start handing out awards, may I suggest a category for the most overt display of offensive stereotypical thinking masked none-too-well behind a smarmy come-on?

I'm just sayin'...

Assuming this isn't the guy, himself, what kind of fool would want to go out with a woman who identified him as "not like the other Indians"? You would have to hate yourself and your culture an awful lot, not to mention be fairly desperate.

And here, we thought it was 2007...

Alex said...

you should go do some undercover detective work.

Lauren said...

This is brilliant - and also an excellent way to use CraigsList to create a pyramid scheme. A really sexy pyramid scheme.

Alex said...

P.S. Regarding Maroon Memoir's comment: For realz. I don't know which is worse-- the idea that a series of women actually wrote these weirdly racist flirations or the idea that an actual Indian dude wrote this about himself.