Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another reason not to be deterred by labels

Hot MILF in the GYM early this morning - m4w - 42

You looked hot this morning. Those tight work out pants really become you. I helped you do some of the machines. You complained about me pushing you to hard. It will be fun tonight though. You know why? Because after 20+ years of marriage I still find you to be as hot as you were at 22 yrs old. See you when the lights go out tonight. And that is a Connection that will not be Missed.

Cute just called and it's handing over it's definition to you.


Alex said...

I love this. It starts out skeezy and ends up cheesey. Adorable.

lauren said...

ugh, ridiculously ADORABLE

sasha said...

on a side note, i read this post to my mom thinking it was cute. what i didn't realize was that she had no idea what "milf" meant. lesson learned" some acronyms are not parent friendly.