Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rub-A-Dub (I want this man in my Tub)

Cosmos Laundromat - 7:30 pm - a ponytail and a green laundry sack - mid-20's

you: very sexy, scruffy, long hair brown pulled back, lugging a green laundry sack
me: blonde, purple silk blouse and jeans, searching frantically for a machine

I noticed you on the street first and my heart skipped a beat when I saw you walk in my laundromat. If you can look hot picking up laundry, I know you're the man for me. You immediately went to the back to pick up your bag from the Indian man with the mean look. I scrabbled for a free machine while trying to catch another glance. You crossed back and we nearly ran into each other, then exchanged looks. I followed you to the front of the store to look for other machines. You tilted your head to look back at me. You were either into me too or thought I was following you awkwardly. Let's hope it's the former, cause I could use some good clean fun.


Lauren Kinsler said...

this might be the cutest post ever.

Alex said...

you and your man-tails!

(i just made up that word and i feel like it makes no sense but i am going with it and i suggest you do the same.)

sasha said...

i reject "man-tail."

i mean as a substitute for "male ponytail."

i embrace it as a word in general though.