Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To quote Feist, "Let it die."

Over two weeks ago, I decided not to respond to the hand model/magician/comedian/danny devito look-a-like's last email. He took that a sign to email me some more...

hey, how ru?! what's up? hope all is well..have a great one!




1. "ru" isn't allowed you're texting and extremely rushed. Or, you're my 15 yr old cousin.
2. ? and ! are not allowed together (period).
3. When using "cheers" in a vague attempt to convince secret love interests you are british, do not use your real email address - which they will use to look you up on myspace and discover you are from/currently residing in Long Island.


Nicky said...

oh long island... ruff

Drew said...

I just noticed that saying "how ru?!" out loud sounds like Scooby Doo voice. Especially when I do it with a Long Island slash annoying fake Brit accent.

Just kidding, I can't seem to manage a Long Island slash annoying fake Brit accent no matter how bloody hard I try.

sasha said...

i think the most important question at the heart of this post/his text is: what response did he think this text would garner?

would you giggly text back: "lol?! 'ru' isn't even a word you british devil. accents are hot, now do me!"

i don't think so! ie- he's either desperate or oblivious or (more likely) both so W.O.T.

ps- for those new to the bennett/sasha lingo
W.O.T.= Waste of Time

Learn it, love it.

Frankie said...

oh DEAR. "ru" is even worse than "your the coolest person i've ever met online." even being from long island is not an excuse.

Alex said...

omg, ridic. on like twelve levels. which have already been recounted in the comments above in past, present, and future perfect tense.

p.s. are you guys ready to start a band called 'future perfect'?

Alex said...

oh wait, sasha's tense issue was from a previous post. omg i am so behind!

Lauren Kinsler said...


sasha said...

it's ok- i'm sure it will be coming up again....

ooh wait.

it does.

d'ya get it?

Alex said...

i do but i'm going to pretend i didn't.