Friday, October 12, 2007

The Gym Guy is on to Me!

So After countless hours of fawning and doting and finally posting an MC on Tuesday, he found it and responded:

To: Me
From: Him
Subject: This is Definitely Me

Hi, I'm very flattered by your post, but I really don't recall who you are. Please send a picture or approach me next time we are in the gym together. Even if I am 'in the zone', I like meeting new people.

Gym Guy

PS. Your post kinda made my day. I tried to send a picture but it was too big for craigslist to process. If you reply with your real email address I will send a photo to confirm I am me.

***Ok there are so many things to be said about him responding-

1) One of course is that this confirms that he reads MC's (potentially looking for himself)- minus points.

2) However I do the same thing plus I blog about it- double minus points for me

3) He used a "p.s." at the end of his note- triple cute points (slash possible gay points- I'm sorry people but I have to face reality)

4) My post "made his day"- self-esteem boost slash I am a little embarrassed- double points minus 3 for me

So all in all what I am basically saying is I am going to write him back but I am totally nervous, because if my identity is revealved and it's a disappointment, I might have to switch gyms.

pps- What does he mean when he says he "loves meeting new people?" (meet = sex or meet = possible long term-lasting relationship...I think I am up for either.....)


Alex said...

'P.S. gay' or 'P.S. European'? I'm sorry, that's my new favorite joke. Expect to see further appearances.

OK but seriously we just had a three hour convo analyzing this on the phone and yet I still feel the need to comment electronically. Here's a quick review for our blog-reading public:

+ He probably heard about the post from a friend since the description was so specific (neutral points)

+ He somehow didn't seem creeped out by your borderline-nympho post (double points for him) (I think)

+ My advice was that you shouldn't email him back but should just go to the gym looking really cute tonight. If Ponytail is there, approach him and ask if he's Gym Guy. If he isn't, it will give you an excuse to finally talk to him and if he is, you guys will get married and live happily ever after. If you email him back and schedule a meeting, it will be more stressful for you and there is also a slight possibility that it's actually Little Napoleon and then you will have to cancel your gym membership.

sasha said...

ok but can i email him a quick and cute few lines so he knows i'm not a nympho?

no pics period.

Alex said...

Yeah, you could totally do that. Literally the only reason I wouldn't is that when I posted that ad that Little Napoleon responded to, he pretty clearly did not fit the description I wrote but somehow convinced himself that he did. There's a (slight) chance that that's what's happening here and if that's the case, you don't want him to have your email!

Plus, if it were me, I feel like I'd be less nervous about walking up to him after he'd emailed me than walking up to him after we'd been emailing back and forth, if that makes sense. But you might not feel the same way.

Oh, and the last reason is just that you don't want to seem desperate (especially after your sex-crazed craigslist post). He already kind of has the upper hand since he knows you're into him, I think it's better if you show him that you have better things to do than sit at your computer all day, breathlessly awaiting his response (even though that actually is what you're doing, of course).

Others, feel free to weigh in!

Alex said...

p.s. I'm joking of course about your nymphomaniacal tendencies. Your post was actually only mildly sex-crazed.

Bennett said...

Alright, breakin' it down:

A) How many of us have heard from guys who thought "this is definitely me."? It could be him, as you were very specific about his clothing. But, it could also be a hideous troll man.

B) No emailing of pics. This will make actually mtg up (or not) awkward.

C) Your post was pretty forward, so I"m sure he's interestd to meet you for a variety of reason. But, saying he likes to meet new people probably means just that. That mtg new people is interesting, no matter what comes of it. And, points for him for not a sending a dirty response.

D) I agree with Alex, approach him the next time you see him at the gym. The in person meeting will be far superior to any elctronic messaging. And, I wouldn't email anything more since you night be emailing a three-nippled, half-ton freakboy and not a pony-tailed adonis.

Alex said...

p.p.s. Agreed with Bennett on 'kudos to him for not being dirty'. His email was really nice and respectful! I agree that when he said "I like meeting new people" he probably really meant that he likes meeting new people. I mean, come on, the dude wears shirts with elephants on them.

sasha said...

once again my friends have proved that they know what's better for me than i do! yes, yes, yes- i will not email him. i will approach him (sexily) at the gym and talk to him in person- like grown folk do it.

ps- alex and i DID have like a 30 minute convo about this like 5 seconds after it happened, and i want to sparknote it on an upcoming blog but until then i want to leave you with my favorite part.

me: yeah i want to come up to him tonight if he's there but i don't know if i have the right workout outfit with me. oh well i can stop and buy a new top on the way! obvi- double eyeball.

alex: i don't know why i keep relating my life to a possible sex and the city episode, but i keep thinking you are gonna show up at the gym in a ball gown or something.

me: brilliant! me on the starimaster in heels- best image ever!

Alex said...

stilettos + treadmill = pratfall = syndication heaven. do it!

Alex said...

p.s. "i will approach him (sexily)" gave me an amazing image of you in gym clothes, slinking hyper-sultrily across the floor, making bedroom eyes under your sweatband. love it.

p.p.s. blogger spell check has faith in the word "hyper-sultrily" and therefore so do i.

sasha said...

omg i love this ongoing comment convo- so many good images....
me + heels + hyper-sultry pj's + soy ice cream = best night ever (ie tonight!)

Alex said...

p.p.p.p.p.s. every time i read bennett's "hideous troll man" line above, it makes me laugh really loud.

sasha said...


i forgot all about that- i am re-reading it instantly!

p.p.p.p.s. i just called my sis and told her about the update- look for her comments to be added soon!

Frankie said...

i have nothing really new or clever to add, since all of you are such effervescent, hilarious writers, and i am typing "hyper-sultrily" in here to confirm that, yes, blogger spell check is down with it, but i just want to say:

alex and bennett are smart, smart girls and you should do what they say.

sasha is a smart, smart girl, and also super-sexy, even (or possibly particularly) at the gym.

work it, girl.

Frankie said...

hideous troll man is the name of my new indie rock band and/or improv troupe.

sasha said...

oh thank god for frankie's comments- insightful, thoughtful...well mostly just funny.

Nicky said...

girl goes to a wedding and by the time she gets back Sasha has worn heels on a treadmill and is practically married to the long-haired hot model with animal themed t-shirts.

note to self... never be away from my internet connection for more than 12 hours

note to others... I concur

sasha said...

hello?! you never know what you're going to miss. but seriously i am awaiting the barrage of mc's you must have had at that crazy wedding.

Sarah said...

all have to say is: thank god he spelled "too" correctly! i mean had he had a momentary lapse in judgement and mistakenly said "to" in the context which called for "too", this relationship would be over before it even began.

Sarah said...

ok, so that obviously wasn't all i had to say...

totally shouldn't email him. totally should approach him at the gym and maybe or maybe pull a L.S. and by that i mean, draw a creapy map depicting you two meeting at cafe pick-me-up. (or your bedroom).

Sarah said...

oh yeah, still not finished:

ain't no party like a ponytail party.

Nicky said...

the map to your bedroom... brilliant

sasha said...

thank god you finally commented- i really needed your support. thanks sis. i also almost died laughing!

sasha said...

oh and ps- what's an L.S.?

Alex said...

I think it was a typo. She meant "A.S." (my initials).