Sunday, October 28, 2007

!!Update!! Part Deux

So who thought there would be follow up after the "Hawkward Banter of '07?" Not I! But lo and behold, I saw Ponytail Gym Guy on Saturday afternoon at our favorite hang out: uhhh- the gym. I arrived in my normal gym attire this time (opted out of the "business caz" as this is not really appropriate when I have actual workout intentions). The only other slight difference was I had just gotten my hair done, so there was some extra sass in my strut. I got on my favorite machine and within 10 minutes, Ponytail arrived. I could tell he arrived not only by the wash of plaid that crossed my vision, but the fact that my heart rate monitor that had just read 130 beats per minute shot up to 155 within a matter of seconds. He did his typical parade up and down the stairs to taunt me and the rest of the general straight female/gay male viewing public. When he finally came back downstairs, I made a point to be less discreet about my stare downs. I figured he might as well know I'm still totally interested slash I wanted to make sure there was no question of who I was. I really wasn't sure if he remembered what I looked like and I figured I had nothing to lose at this point. After a full hour of working out and no sign of recognition, I assumed our relationship had reached its limit and it was the end of the road for us. It had been a good ride. I talked to my trainer for a few minutes and she tried to encourage me to go back over to him and start up another conversation. Now although she has nothing but good intentions, I just couldn't bring myself to approach him again. Although he had taken a chance by responding to my MC, I had put myself out there enough times and it was his turn to step up (that is if he was interested). I went to the basement to change and when I came back up, I stopped at the juice bar to grab a drink. While it was being made, I turned around to get a drink from the water fountain. When I turned back, I was pleasantly surprised to see his (gorgeous) face. He approached me and said, "Hi," and all the necessary (re)introduction talk ensued. We stood there talking for probably 10 minutes- no awkward pauses, no strange Cirque du Soleil moves. He did lift his shirt up to wipe the sweat off his face a few times. But this time I was prepared and shielded my eyes from the "light," which is his bod. Around this time a gym employee approached (or should I say encroached) on our convo. He had been the one that signed me up for my membership and although he is super nice and I usually like talking with him, this was not the time! (Hello why are men oblivious to these things?) However Ponytail did not walk away, he stayed there while Membership Man and I joked for a few. He was integrated into the convo in a matter of minutes, but still he could have left at this very volatile moment. He stayed though...he stayed. That of course led me to believe he was interested in continuing our chat. And yes when Membership Man left, we continued the non-awkward banter. He asked me if I had plans for Halloween and I told him what I was doing. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he didn't have plans....hmmm, interesting. Should I invite him? Should I play it cool? Was he just making conversation? So many thoughts running through my head- oh and I totally forgot about my smoothie that's been ready forever! I didn't invite him and maybe I should have in the moment, but I did email him a brief message when I got home and included the info for the event. Of course I don't really expect him to show, because he will probably want to hang with his own friends on a holiday. But this definitely opens the door for a future night out together- but the ball is totally in his court. I have done what I can. It would be nice to see him on Halloween though, but only because he said he was dressing up as Tarzan. Wowzer! Ponytail + vines + hair down - shirt = Best Halloween Ever!


Alex said...

Alex: He loves heavy metal.
Sasha: That means he's passionate and intense!
Alex: Do you mind that he smokes?
Sasha: He's dark and mysterious!
Alex: He's a professional dog-walker.
Sasha: He's an animal-lover.
Alex: ... He works out twice a day.
Sasha: Whatever he needs to do to keep that body lookin' good.

TheOtherGuy said...

Hey Ladies. This is the "Just a Friend" from Sasha's "Variations on a theme" post from Friday. I was her companion at Terminal 5, junking with her game. How do I get my pseudonym? Do you guys choose, or can I come up with one of my own?

Anyway, Sasha OMG OMG OMG! Ponytail and his blinding abs are totally into you. Put on a pair of shades, girl, and enjoy. I'd say you probably should have invited him to your Halloween thang, but that's also an awkward holiday to spend with new flames... it's hard enough to find a costume as it is, but what are you supposed to think if a guy shows up as Little Thing Number 2 (what would normally be a FANTASTIC costume, but awkward on a first date... unless it revealed a lot, in which case: howkward [sp?]).

Truth be told: the Tarzan outfit sounds majorly hot... only problem there is then you have to watch all those girls who were too dumb to come up with any costume smarter than "sexy [fill-in-the-blank]"... sexy nurses, sexy kittens, sexy librarian, sexy catheter... wait, where did that one come from?

Anyway, long story short (too late), congrats on the banter. It's only a short step from that to coffee, and from coffee to dinner, and from dinner to abdominolopolis. Okay, fine, you could do that after coffee. Or before. Or in a giant vat of. I need to stop now.

Wicked mad props to ya, babe.

sasha said...

OMG so many comments- i laughed hysterically through this set of comments too! surprise.

i loved the sunglasses joke!

ps- we make up the pseudonyms. sorry you have no control.

pps- what is "little thing number 2?" explain.

ppps- "sexy catheter" is fucking brilliant. and i finally have my costume!

pppps- "abdominolopolis" is my new favorite word, and despite its length i am integrating it into every upcoming convo.

TheOtherGuy said...

"Little Thing Number Two" is from Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat, but also implies a small... uh... penis. (so much for metaphor).

Please please PLEASE dress up as a sexy catheter. I don't even know what that looks like. In fact, what does a regular catheter look like?

Aight. Holla.

Alex said...

ummmmm why don't you hang out with us constantly?

sasha said...

yeah he should hang with us more often- not only because of the potential hilarity but also because he could help us tone up our "gaydar vs. tie-dye hipster" skillz.

Frankie said...

"sexy catheter" needs to go in some sort of record book for "best things ever created by fingers on a keyboard."

sasha said...

done. and. done.

ok technically it's not even started- but we can do that at our next happy hour- i mean board meeting.

whatever talk to my hand.

Jason Whittle said...

I have no clue who you are or what you look like but I have been SO excited about pony-man for a while. This READS, right here. I'm sure there is an update, perhaps already posted but, get off me, I'm behind with reading this stuff.

Congrats on the super-hot banter.

sasha said...

thanks so much! so nice to know we have some know that aren't also the writers! anyway, there is an update, however it doesn't get more exciting than this i'm afraid. but stay tuned for the grand finale!