Friday, November 16, 2007

After a brief silence....the Missed Connection returns...for me at least

commodities grocery - 8 pm - bright blue eyes and frozen pizza banter - w4m - 25

you: dirty blonde curly hair, camel jacket, headphones and bright blue eyes
me: ponytail with headbands, blue wool coat, straight from the gym & lookin' a hot mess

You found me kneeling before the freezer scouring through the Amy's frozen pizzas. You needed to get by and looked down at me. I scrambled to my feet, pressing myself against the glass so you could squeeze by. "Those things are addictive," you said. "Tell me about it!" I said, the evidence in hand, "You start with one and then it's just a downward spiral." You laughed. You were so cute. You wandered off and I went for coffee, but couldn't find the coffee bags. I turned the corner and saw you getting granola or nuts out of the bulk section (adorable). "Do you know where they keep the coffee bags?" I asked. You pulled your headphones down and said, "Sorry I don't drink coffee." "Oh!" I exclaimed as if shocked. "I guess the pizza is all we will share," I said as I turned the other corner. You followed behind me and as you walked away, you said "We'll always have Paris." I laughed. By the time I made it to the checkout, you were gone. I wish you could have stayed to chat. If we share the love of the same organic frozen pizzas and an affinity for old movies, then I am sure there is more to explore. And if not, we could at least exchange recipes.


Alex said...

Wait, that's literally the best missed connection I've ever heard.

sasha said...

for some reason when i read your comment, i thought you said "the best missed connection i've ever had."

and in my head i was like 'but i HAD it!'

you better step back from my man biotch!

wasn't that a cute moment we had? i couldn't really tell if he was being flirty or just friendly- i mean i was definitely being flirty but what's new?

ps- why is blogger spell check ok with "hyper-sultrily" and not ok with "flirty?"

Frankie said...

this is the cutest thing in the world. if he wasn't being flirty, he was still being funny, which to me always reads as "flirty."

"hyper" and "sultrily" are both ok words on their own, so "hyper-sultrily" as a hyphenated word is apparently ok. for example, i can write "jellyfish-fandango" and spell check is a-ok with that. but, weirdly not with "ok." still not sure why "flirty" is not allowed though.

Drew said...

I think this is like, the definition of a perfect MC! Congrats to you!