Tuesday, November 20, 2007

how i love thee, mass transit

me: hapless white girl being fallen over upon by a sleeping/drunk jersey dude
you: cute black dude across the aisle laughing hysterically at my predicament.
where: downtown C or E train (I don't remember which) from 34th st

i didn't know what to do about the sleepy guy next to me until you gave me the humorous suggestion of putting my bag on my shoulder for him to use as a pillow. we had a nice laugh. i was pretty embarrassed to have to sit next to him, but i felt like i had an ally if i had to pop someone in the face at some point. fortunately, it didn't come to that!


Alex said...

Ah, good old "bonding over drunk people on the subway." It's a classic.

Frankie said...

the worst part was that it was, like, 10pm and this guy was DRUNKKK.