Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Do You Think T-Rex Reads This Blog?


sasha said...

this is genius! i love these talking dinosaurs- they are so sassy!

and my favorite part:
"your body no longer excites her- the book"


TheOtherGuy said...

I know it's not really on topic for the blog, but the postings a day earlier and the day before that, on the subject of homophones, and also homographic homophonic autantonyms brought me to tears. It's a lot of homos, without any gays.

my favorite part:
"Sorry other word classes! I have a NEW girlfriend now!"

Someone call me an ambulance, please.

Alex said...

That was a great one. I loved the series awhile back about natural selection and the Vice-Mayor of Tiny Towne.

sasha said...

i need this link!