Sunday, November 25, 2007

how to find us on google

Sometimes I like to see how people are finding our site via Google. Most of the time, the keywords remind us of the good times and bad we've had while documenting our shenanigans:

super hot gym guys
glistening abs
pirate craigslist m4w
"i just have gay experiences sometimes."

Others give us insight into the psyche of the searcher:

reasons why i'm still single
"pant, pant" sounds made in gym
cutest trains

And still others make us say, "What the hell?"

how to pronounce muscadet
koala underwear
sounds you speed me brown brown


Drew said...

Oh man, do you think my koala underwear could be one of the reasons why I'm still single? I never thought of that before. Thanks google.

sasha said...

this proves to be a good lesson for all of us- be careful what you google- you might get caught!

ps- "muscadet" come on! there is for a reason!