Tuesday, November 6, 2007

!!Update!! Part Fin

This shall be the last installment of the Ponytail Gym Guy saga. The collective readership (and fellow bloggers) can breathe a sigh of relief because I know you are tired of hearing about him. I am even a little tired (of hearing about him that is- not of drooling over him- that has yet to seem passé). Anyway, after our non-awkward banter by the water fountain, our relationship has only continued to flourish as we saw each other twice over the weekend- Friday night and Sunday afternoon. He approached me both times making me feel like any sense of residual creepiness on my end had long since subsided. We talked about what we did for Halloween, weekend plans and general chit chat. It was fine conversation, but I couldn't help hearing the words of my good friend Cheri in my head as we talked (Cheri: Have fun, talk with him and see what comes of it- but just think to yourself - 'Would this guy be nearly as interesting to talk with if he weren't so hot?'). My friends are basically brilliant. In short, he probably wouldn't be as interesting, however I do not feel the need to make this anything more than what it is- a gym crush with occasional non-awkward banter. I mean it's a story as old as time really. Girl sees Boy from across the room. Girl writes missed connection on craigslist. Boy finds it and emails Girl super hot pic. Girl approaches Boy hawkwardly in "business caz." Girl and Boy banter at the gym. Girl continues to fantasize about Boy, but decides he probably wouldn't be as interesting without the hot bod.

So there you have it. The finale to a long and treacherous journey. It's been fun, but it's time to put Ponytail to bed. Figuratively that is. If that actually happens than I will reopen this topic for discussion...obviously.


Cheri said...

Aw. All of those fantastic hilarities (word?) and not a single comment. I love reading about me on this blog.

Here's your comment. I bet if you had sex with him and then kicked him out of your apartment he'd be yours forever. Just a strategical sort of advantage, if you will.

I am in no way condoning casual sex. Ha.

sasha said...

damn i forgot to mention 2 very important issues that were brought up in the friday night convo. when i asked him what he did for halloween, he said his night included seeing a nirvana cover band and they were "amazing." thus verifying once in for all he is straight and potentially pretty dorky. also he did dress up as tarzan, and for this i am very sad that i missed him.