Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Needed: Ponytail Widgets for Macs

I received a text from my trainer late last night. Of course being so late, I assumed it was an emergency situation (last minute cancellation, missed session...you know something related to our basic gym interactions). I opened the text and this is all it said:

11:30 pm 11/19/07
From : Trainer

Ponytail got a haircut!

Seriously is this a late night text situation? Ok the answer is undoubtedly "yes" cause the haircut could make or break him, but there must be a better way to transmit this information. Then I remembered the conversation I had with a good friend the night before about "widgets" and the need for more specific ones- like "tomato widgets;" you know so you can keep abreast of the state of your local heirloom tomatoes. Just an idea we thought of, but I think it could be big...huge! We could have corresponding t-shirts as well (obviously).

So think about it and get back to me, because this is most certainly a group project.

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