Friday, August 1, 2008

Best of Missed Connections

Oh I love the summer- kids skipping in every playground, cuties out with their petite pups and even more Craigslist goodness. I guess as the clothes come off, people feel less inhibited in their virtual worlds as well...check it.

Sexiest trashman ever! - w4m

I know you probably get this a lot, but you are the hottest garbage man I have ever seen. Every Tuesday, I wait at my window desperately at 8:00 AM waiting for you. I love your strong muscles; not matter how heavy my waste is, you have no problem lifting it. Sometimes I hide bricks in there just so I can see your sweaty big muscles in real action. You may know my house specifically because I always leave my old lingerie lying on top of all my other trash. I put it out there for you, you know. I want you to have them. Don't worry, I spray a little perfume on them before I toss them so they don't smell anymore. Anyway, if you like what you see in my trash, come inside sometime, there will be plenty more of where that came from. ;)
Your Secret Admirer
P.S. I'm single with no kids. All the diapers are from my grandmother who lives with me.


miss dixie belle said...

Your site is TOO addictive! I stumbled on you guys from Working Girl's Blog - so glad I did!

As for addictive internet sites..check out my newest list at and tell me what you think - and what you have to add!

Alex said...

As I was reading this post, my first thought was: "I really hope she used 'heavy waste' as a tag."

As Frankie recently stated: "wavelength = same"

Lauren K. said...

this is possibly the most amazing thing i've ever read...ever.

sasha said...

we are becoming tagging geniuses.