Monday, August 4, 2008

Express* what you've got, oh baby, ready or not

When: this morning, half an hour after I was supposed to have been at work (9:30)
Where: Uptown 4 train between Union Square and Grand Central
You: Blonde dude in a red t-shirt and jeans. Your outfit - definitely a look that said "I am either unemployed, or work in the tech industry" - was rather nondescript, actually, but for the AMAZING HAT you were wearing. You looked like a member of the Buena Vista Social Club...but cute. And not old. Or Cuban.
Me: Flustered-looking girl in a brown dress that could have been a costume on Charlie's Angels, listening to "Jordan, Jesse, GO" on my iPod and chuckling occasionally between stealing glances at you. I'm glad I was late today.

UPDATE, 5:52pm:

I've gotten one response to this ad today, and it appears to be someone trying to promote YET ANOTHER missed connections-type site: Missed Kisses. I have several problems with this site, but honestly, the biggest one is the use of Comic Sans, which to me always makes a website look like an 8th grade class project from 1997.

*For non-New York readership: the 4 train is an express train, particularly useful on this fine morning, since I was running late.

1 comment:

sasha said...

re. mc:
this is adorable!

re. update:
seriously HOW MANY sites do people need to report their missed connections?! also, who has time to create profiles for all these sites? i signed up immediately but that's because it's research and i have an odd attraction to comic sands. at this point i would not be surprised if there was a site devoted to (virtual) missed connections due to the fact that the 2 posted on completely different sites!