Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not Technically a Missed Connection, but Just as Gross

Frankie and her roommates said:

This futon has served us well, but alas, we have come into possession of a slightly better couch, and just don't have room for this one any longer! It's in fine condition, but definitely used - we just want it to go to a good home.

- Solid wood construction
- Light pine finish
- Black cushion (don't worry, nothing untoward has happened here...sadly)
- Only moderately drink-stained armrests

This is perfect for someone who just needs quick furniture and isn't terribly concerned with looks - you can tell it's a couple years old. But it's comfy, functional, and folds out into a bed. What more could you want from a futon? Just come pick it up (with some buddies) and it's all yours.

Some perv said:

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

Oh my gawd my prayers have been answered I need that my bed is so old that the springs are coming out of the top! Has your bed seen action? Any "love" stains on it? If not can you provide me with some? I love to bury my head on the stains and sniff until I pass out. I can't get anyone to provide me with fresh stains anymore cause of the condition of the bed. Well where and when? I must have this!

I'll double your asking price if you can provide the stains! But beware I will smell for authenticity before I pay you and take it away. What do you say
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Alex said...


Also, I predict that we are going to get a lot of mileage out of some of these new tags.

nicky said...

srsly, is there a full moon or something? Today, I have heard stories about and/or been in the presence of some crazy wack jobs.

sasha said...

does anyone else think it strange that this guy was so eager to respond that he send it from his blackberry?