Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural...WOMANNNNN

I received a response to one of my recent MC's (I don't know which one, and I don't know that it matters, really) that I had to respond to. What transpired...well, it serves me right, I guess.

8/22, 11:54pm: Are you a natural girl (don't shave your armpits)? or are you open to not shaving? I find women that are natural and don't shave at all very attractive. I am 31 and live in [neighborhood near mine]. Email me if you are interested in chatting further. I have pics. to share...

8/25, 7:52pm: I don’t shave anything if I can help it. Send pics and let’s chat more.

8/25, 7:58pm: So how old are you? Where do you live? Here is a pic. taken at work...please send a pic
8/25, 8:15pm: So did you receive my pic?
8/25, 8:36pm: So are you interested in chatting further?
8/25, 9:14pm: Are you going to respond? I sent a pic.
8/26, 9:52pm: so?
8/27, 8:25pm: So where is your pic? You received mine. What is wrong with you?

What IS wrong with me?

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Alex said...

I just want to say that Frankie showed me the pic of Naturalizer and he is, like, legit cute. Not over-cute like he copy-pasted a pic of Jonathan Taylor Thomas* and pretended it was him, but like... normal cute? Too bad that he is The Crazy.

* For some reason, I continue to use Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the Benchmark of Cute, though it is no longer 1993.