Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guys. This is Getting Silly.

Regular readers of the blog may remember Versatile Fun: The Saga of Jared and Ernest: A Gay Stalker Love Story,* as a somewhat terrifying, yet also amusing warning against the evils of messing with someone on the internet.

So it seems that Ernest's incessant posting on the Missed Connections board has turned into incessant emailing of "Jared," but with little real content. The content is what makes it fun to read, though...these emails are just sort of sad:

July 19


Have a happy Madison Gay Pride week-end!**



July 21


July 29

I miss your smiling face!

I'm a terrible person.

*This is what the title of this adventure would be if there were a cable network equivalent to Lifetime, but for aging gays instead of middle-aged women (and 20-somethings who watch it "ironically"but actually really liked Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story).

**Apparently this email was sent from 1907, when they spelled things "week-end," "to-morrow," and "base-ball."

A note on the photo on this post:
This is the first image that appears when you search "gay stalker" on flickr. Incidentally, my sister sent me a greeting card with this image once in which she pointed out that he looked like Hugh Jackman. Her roommates said "Jesus was gay?" and "Hot jeans."
photo courtesy of patricking


sasha said...

somehow i feel like this will catch up with us (slash you)...but not in the way one might thing.

as samuel l. jackson once so profoundly said- "hold onto your butts!"

Alex said...

When that picture finished loading, I almost spit out my Cajun-flavored potato chips. Congratulations, you have just successfully offended the entire internet.

Also, Sasha's comment might win the coveted "Alex's Favorite Comment to Anything Ever" award.

Also also, we may need to hold a poll for our readers to decide how to effectively deal with this Ernest/Jared situation. Because... it's getting awkward.

Hold onto your butts!

nicky said...

I totes remember the story about your sister's roommates and that amazing card. I mean, srsly, kinda hot... and I was raised catholic

sasha said...

and it ain't hawkward!

leigh said...

Does "Jared" ever respond?

I think you should work this whole thing into a book and/or screenplay. but no one should die in the end.

Frankie said...

A poll is in the works, readers.

Seriously. Hold on to them. Or you might get eaten by dinosaurs.

nicky said...

also.. why is the jeaned hugh jackman holding a mallet?