Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Can't I Have a Hot Neighbor?

We share a wall - m4w - 23 (Madison)
Reply to: ***************
Date: 2008-07-27, 9:32PM CDT

You and I share a wall, call each other sometimes when we are too lazy to walk over. Sometimes I cuddle with your kitty. You make some mean patatas bravas!

You are pretty damn hot and enjoy some late night Dateline. I appreciate you more than you know. Email me if you want to brown chicken brown cow in the hallway sometime!!!


connecting wall... - w4m - 31 (brownstone)
Reply to: ***************
Date: 2008-07-27, 10:07PM CDT

you, hot sexy gardener with a love of cartoons and craigslist!!! me, broke retail associate clinging to her self respect. brown chicken brown cow me sometime i'll bring the potatas bravas you bring the ulitmate nachos and we'll have a meal made in heaven. knock 3 times on the wall when you're ready to meet. ditto with the appreciation.....

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Anonymous said...

aww, i want them to live happily ever after!