Sunday, July 27, 2008

Couches on the Lawn

My friends had a yard sale today and I stopped by to help drink their lemonade. At one point in the afternoon, a cute dude rode by on his bike and smiled at me. I smiled back and then looked down, shyly.

A moment later, I looked back up and he was still smiling at me and continued smiling until he was out of view.

Hollah back, craigslist!

couches on the lawn - w4m - 26
Reply to: ****************
Date: 2008-07-27, 3:06PM CDT

when: sunday afternoon, around 2pm
where: _______ st., near the hardware store
you: reddish hair, riding a bicycle
me: blonde hair, cut-off jeans, lounging on a $15 couch at a yard sale in my friends' front yard

we smiled at each other for a borderline ridiculous length of time. you should have stopped by-- i might have been able to score you a deal on some bing crosby records.


sasha said...

so adorable! any news?

themanhattantransfer said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a penchant for redheads. They're so eye-catching!

I love this blog- a friend of mine introduced me to it this morning and I've already read an embarrassing amount today. Keep up the good work... I think I have more reading to do.

Alex said...

Welcome, Manhattan Transfer!

And no news, Sasha. I guess my redhead cyclist has better things to do than read craigslist... unlike us.