Friday, July 4, 2008

I Hope These Are For Each Other

Apt. #309 - m4w

Reply to: ************
Date: 2008-07-03, 4:26PM CDT

You are beautiful!


#207 in my apartment building - w4m

Reply to: ************
Date: 2008-07-04, 9:58AM CDT

207 in my apartment complex your hot! I just wanted to say that we have been neighbors for a year and I think your hot and every time I talk to you, you are super nice! I am sad to know that your moving out this year. To bad we never turned in to anything it would have been fun. We have a lot in common. I was always to shy to see if you wanted to hang out. You seem like such a great guy, I wish I would have gotten to know you better. You should have asked me to go fishing with you!


#207 in my apartment building - w4m - m4w - 24

Reply to: ************
Date: 2008-07-04, 5:10PM CDT

You should knock on #219 sometime. Especially if you're hot, and like watching movies in HD.

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sasha said...

ok so there were 2 postings (hopefully for the same couple) and then a third party comes in wanting some action too??

this has awkward elevator encounters written all over it!