Thursday, July 31, 2008

why does this never happen to me// anyone, except in Meg Ryan movies

I came across this in my sometimes nightly cl overview (which, honestly, includes the missed connections, but also the pet section and me looking for mid-century furniture). Is it totally wrong that it kinda brought a small tear to my eye? I am a little weepy lately. And seriously what a BUMMER for this woman, but good for her, for writing this so many years on.

Troy, It's been almost 8 years - w4m - 31 (LaGuardia Marriott)

We both stayed at the LGA Marriott regularly on business, you on the 6th floor in the Executive Suites and me usually on the 2nd or 3rd. Our eyes would often lock as we passed each other in the lobby. Your over 6-foot, sexy, mocha brown frame was such a gorgeous sight to behold so early in the morning before I had to facilitate a testing session in one of the lower level conference rooms. I saw you in shorts one day and nearly died. My friend Juany, one of the customer service reps, gave me your name and told me that you were a frequent guest.

We almost connected on one visit. It was late and we were both in the hotel bar sitting directly across from one another but before we had the chance to conversate, some surfer dude spoiled the fun by trying to hit on me. I got really drunk off cherry daquiris while you watched amused as I tried to get rid of the guy. You followed me onto the elevator where we were finally alone. You asked me if I was calling it a night. Unable to trust myself in my inebriation I mumbled something seemingly intelligible in reply before scurrying off to my room. I really wanted to invite you to come with me. If my room had have been on a higher floor I might have.

You left early the next morning so I gave one of the bellhops my business card to pass on to you. You must have got it because the next day as I prepared to depart on the airport shuttle you motioned to me through the window. You mouthed a question, "when are you coming back?" I replied in two weeks and you smiled. That was the last time I saw you. I didn't make it back for almost 5 weeks and by the time I did you were gone.

I left that job four months later and haven't been back to NYC since. I've thought about you and what might have been though. I even wrote and sent in a crazy poem about you to my local radio station's "Crazy Reasons To Go To New York" contest and won plane tickets but I let them expire.

I'm wondering if you're still single and if there is still a chance...


sasha said...

we need to secure the rights for this immediately. seriously ya'll- next big blockbuster, coming out christmas 2019.

also, WHY did she wait so long? why didn't he try to find her? why? why? why?

oh life!

Frankie said...

perhaps it's my naturally cynical nature, but i hate these types of MCs, where the poster had a fleeting moment a million years ago. yeah, yeah, it's romantic to think that this guy is still wondering about her like she's wondering about him, and somehow, somewhere, they will find each other, but the reason it doesn't happen in real life is mostly because most people, after EIGHT years, would get over it. you saw a dude in a hotel. great. he's probably married, or dead, or moved to panama or something. we all have moments of regret, but these MCs just smack of pathos and desperation to me (more than, you know, all the pathos and desperation of the MCs addressed to people you saw yesteray).

Alex said...

omg. this almost made me cry, too. except it was not an "omg so sweet" cry, it was an "omg, lady, your life is so sad" cry.

it sounds like this woman had practically zero connection with this dude beyond "he was hot". has she seriously not met another hot dude in the ENTIRE INTERVENING EIGHT YEARS? someone take this woman to the chaz! stat!

that said, it was a good story. and i may or may not steal it for a screenplay.

Alex said...

p.s. Love the tag usage on this one.

naomi said...

this reminded me of the movie serendipity a little bit. call me a hopeless romantic or something but I thought this post was quite sweet.

Frankie said...

that's why we love you, naomi.